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Alfonso Valenzuela-Gumucio

Alfonso Valenzuela-Gumucio

West Des Moines Office 140 S 68 St 1105
Cell (515) 771-7277 Fax Qualifying Broker

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For me Real Estate is a "Concept". It is a "Destination". It is a "Home", as unique as each customer's background. It is the cocoon where you raise your children, love your pets, and celebrate special milestones. I am on a quest ……a quest to help people find their next destination where they will create new memories.

That's why I am dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of my clients. I take great pride in the relationships I build and always work relentlessly on the client's behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.

My family and I enjoy spending time at our farm in Carlisle. There we take care of our flock of chickens, our herd of Romendale CVM sheep (the only true American breed of Sheep) and tend to our organic vegetable garden.

As a buyer and seller of real estate I understand what it takes to have a successful transaction. I bring more than 20 years in Sales and Marketing to be at your service.

Whether you are a seller considering upgrading to a larger home or an empty nester ready to downsize, I will be able to use all my expertise to prepare your property for a successful sale. I will guide you from start to finish on how to make your current home as appealing as possible to future buyers. I will also create a marketing analysis of past comparable sales in your area and propose a selling price that will be competitive and attractive to buyers.

For those of you searching for your first home, I can help you navigate all the steps necessary to get you ready to put an offer on your dream home. I will guide you through each step of the process until you receive the keys to your new home


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